@noelle (That may have been incoherent. But I love you and believe in your goodness even when I am incoherent. <3)

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@noelle Less chain-letter-y—

Being a good person isn’t about never failing or never making mistakes or even never hurting anyone. It’s *about* trying sincerely to be better than yesterday, and I know you do, and it’s one of the (many many) things I love about you. You are compassionate and genuine in ways that *show* you’ve practiced it as a skill, that you’ve worked to be good to people, and that’s what a good person is—someone who works to be good to people. <3

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text chain from Crash, pda <3 

Countdown to incoherent ramblings begins. Place your bets. ;p

@noelle And we appear to have… a working account! *snuggles an Ellie*


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